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Reality Check Radio Show: Frank’s first serious venture into script writing dates back to 1992 when he and his wife, Debby, were working on a children’s workbook study of the fruits of the Spirit. Debby handled the workbook tasks, while Frank took on the audio accompaniment. This included a short song based on a memory verse for each unit and a short skit to illustrate the various fruits.

In 2003 Frank conceived the idea of a children’s radio series of short skits. Utilizing Nit Whitly, a character he had introduced on his previous CD, he began developing a program that would feature Biblical characters and events that would illustrate and apply various aspects of God, His character and His attributes. The program, called “Reality Check,” which is now nearing the end of the development stage, has been met with initial excitement from such radio veterans as Bob Devine and Mark Zimmerman.

Frank has also ventured into the literary field. He has written a number of articles and essays which have been published in newspapers and periodicals like the Chalcedon Report. He is also putting the finishing touches on a study book on soteriology.


We strive to maintain accuracy to Scripture. Any additional characters or dialogue are such as not to corrupt the Scriptural text, but merely for explanatory, reinforcement or entertainment purposes.

We set the stage for, and explain the circumstances involved in each episode as briefly as we can. We do not assume that our audience is familiar with the story. This way unchurched children who are not acquainted with the story being presented will be able to understand exactly what is going on.

Each episode deals with one primary application only. This is to avoid confusion to the listeners. The only time additional lessons or applications will be added is when they can be combined with the primary lesson naturally and compliment it.

Perhaps the best way to maintain children’s interest is through entertainment. Therefore, with each episode, we add comical characters and situations. But we maintain that the comedy is never directed at God, the lesson or those Biblical characters involved (unless Scripture does so) so that the children are never put in the position to take God or Scriptural truth lightly.


In the study guides each episode is broken down and laid out giving you Scriptural references, the main theme and a brief summary.We trust you will find REALiTY CHeCK useful as they instruct, challenge and entertainyour children, presenting reality as God declares it.

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