Since the Spring of 2010, Frank Ulle and Rebekah Bradford have been providing a wide range of voices for the Nick Guy, Private Eye, Apologetics Series. They voice most of the main and recurring characters, as well as many of the minor characters as well.

Their work displays amazing versatility. So much so that many times, they appear as multiple characters in one scene. Their voice characterizations cover a wide range of personalities, dialects, accents, types and styles. From normal voices to comedic/cartoonish ones. Although most of their work with Nick Guy is comedic, they can also perform dramatic roles as well.

If you are looking for voice actors for your next production, we hope you will consider Frank Ulle and/or Rebekah Bradford.

Check out this demo of their work and more information.

Frank Ulle/Rebekah Bradford

Frank Ulle
Dominion Artist
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Email: frankulle@frankulle.com

Phone: 440/223-6069